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Phone: 570-424-3100

Custom Shirts

The custom shirt is one item in a man's wardrobe that defines his image.  The cut of the body, the fit and style of the collar, the types of cuffs, altogether says a man of great taste.  

We inventory over 350 different fabrics in a wide array of weaves, colors and patterns.  Each fabric in our line is selected for the specific role it can play in your wardrobe.

Each order is hand-cut and sewn to your exacting specifications.  The ordering process is simple and only takes a few minutes, yet allows unparalleled flexibility in design and styling options.

Whether you're a Big and Tall customer or outfitting for that special occasion, our many offering of traditional dress, sport casual, tuxedo and western shirts and scores of special treatments mean that we'll always be able to say "Yes!" to our customer.