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How to help keep your slacks wrinkle free

Most men hang their suit trousers or dress slacks over a bar on the hanger their suit or sport coat came on.  That’s fine, but there is a much better way. Using a clip hanger such as shown, clip the trousers from the bottom and hang them upside down from the cuff. Hanging this way, the weight of the trouser which is mostly in the waist and seat area pulls on the cloth and releases the wrinkles over night.  I find this saves me many, many pressings, and I use this method all the time.


To cuff or not to cuff

There are no iron clad rules here, but there are general practices.  Men that wear pleated trousers in general tend to like cuffs.  Men that wear flat front trousers and especially the trimmer models of today almost always wear plain bottoms. Young men who like the very skinny trousers wear them quite short with plain bottoms and sometimes with a wide 2 inch or more wide cuff.


The narrowing of the lapels

The degree of narrowing of the lapels in general has to do with the shoulder width or point to point.  In the case of the classic cut suit the overall coat is cut smaller than a few years ago, but still keeping the classic look.  Hence the lapels got narrower to keep the balance of the coat.  On the modern cut coats the entire look is new and smaller in the shoulders, armhole, and chest.  The lapels are in proportion to the coat with lapels in a 2 1/2” to 2 ¾” wide.


Shirt collars how tight is too tight

When we measure for a shirt collar size on a custom shirt, we take a measurement right against your skin.  Then we add ½” to that measurement.  The reason is you should be able to put several fingers inside the collar with the collar buttoned.  That allows for a comfortable collar and still will look correct against your neck.  Today’s better ready to wear dress shirts allow for this extra ¼ to ½ inch. 


Dry cleaning – don’t overdo it.

COPIED FROM NET - There is no right answer here; an architect who wears a sports jacket to the job site in Orlando is going to soil his jacket much faster than a computer engineer wearing the same jacket in the Bay Area.  My guidance here is when brushing, spot cleaning, and airing out no longer do the trick….take the wool garment into a quality cleaner.  Dry clean when you must, not on a set schedule that will strip and weaken the wool fibers and damage their ability to crimp, thus unnecessarily aging the garment.